Many modern surgical procedures would not be possible without anaesthesia administered by a qualified anaesthetist.


Your anaesthetist’s fees are separate from costs charged by the private hospital and your surgeon. The independent anaesthetists who partner with River City Anaesthesia adopt a balanced stance in their fee structure to reduce the out-of-pocket expense incurred by you while maintaining the highest standard of anaesthetic practice.

Gap payment

Medicare will rebate a portion of your anaesthetist’s fee and if you have private health insurance, your health fund may rebate a further portion. Often there will be a remaining portion of the fee for you (the patient) to pay, known as a ‘gap’ payment. The amount of rebate covered varies between private health funds and will determine your gap payment amount.

Your health fund will be able to provide a better understanding of the level of private health cover that will be applied to your anaesthetist’s fees and what amount you can expect to pay.

Informed financial consent

Once your surgeon notifies River City Anaesthesia of your procedure, a support team member will make every effort to contact you and provide a fee estimate prior to your procedure. However, there may be times when your procedure is an emergency or is booked with short notice and there is not enough time to provide this information before your surgery.

If you have any queries regarding your anaesthetist’s fees or have not been informed of your out-of-pocket costs, please contact the practice and a support team member will be ready to help.


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